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Bert Hickman - An Introductory write up

1st Mar 2009

Mr. Hickman founded a software development and consulting company in 1980 and executed a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 1983, and achieved a 50 percent compounded annual revenue increase over a ten-year period. The Company was listed on the Boston Stock Exchange and NASDAQ’s National Market System; it was one of the fifteen fastest growing companies in New England for three consecutive years.

Mr. Hickman successfully led this Company as its Founder, President and CEO for over 17 years, developing a customer base of 100+ Financial Institutions and implementing technology enabled solutions for 15 of the top 100 Banks in United States as well as major financial institutions in EMEA, Canada, Central America, LATAM, and the West Indians. He was nominated by one of the top five major accounting firms as one of the Top 10 public software executives and entrepreneurs.

Bert Hickman - Past Projects.

1st March 2009

Mr. Hickman served on IBM’s Finance Industry Advisory Council and spearheaded software development and Product Alliances with IBM Domestically and World Trade Offices in Central/South America and the West Indies. He also was a consultant to several investment banking firms performing due diligence research for IT technology based investments. Mr. Hickman is the recipient of numerous finance industry leadership and product development, marketing and management awards. Additionally, he has been cited in various finance industry and IT publications and research reports.

Mr. Hickman is also noted for his skills to effectively motivate, negotiate and manage diverse people and foreign operations. In the development stages of the company he founded he was the Chief Software Architect for the development of several leading finance industry products, including Transaction processing systems for authorizing, clearing and settling credit card, ACH, check and EFT transactions, Automated Teller System, Branch/Teller Automation, Call Center, Consumer Loan Origination and Processing, Credit Scoring, and Customer Relationship Management. The company also developed major Operating System, Data Base, Networking and OLAP software components for major software industry vendors; including IBM, ADL and others.

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